Homemade chocolat Fondant

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Glacage mirior (chocolat fondant) fait a la maison de la part du Patissier chocolatier mon oncle Ovide Pierre.


Homemade  Mirior frosting  cake (dark chocolate) made by my uncle the chocolatier and palissie.


Five Silver Dollar

Dessert, Italian





I went to an Italian restaurant in London called Chix Chox and I only ordered a dessert.  I had a five silver dollar pancake which cost £4.85 and consisted of five small pancake topped with banana, peaches, chocolate, strawberry melba and whipped cream.

Although I do not have a image for you, I also ordered a Thick American style milkshake which cost £3.25. If you are interested, they open 9am till 11pm and the address is 793 High Rd, London N12 8JT