Le Poisson: Mungala style

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I went to see Rihanna live in Coventry which is in England on the 26th June I believe and I got hungry whilst getting ready so I ordered a quick ting (thing).

It was burger with bacon on it Ithink alongside with chips, salad which I didn’t eat and sauce which I did have.


The picture at the button has nothing to do with the room service food I ordered above that’s just something a little foodie snacked on at the cafe I believe was a grilled cheese sandwich with some salad and chips.  A


Mantra Thai restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne




Me and my friend went out to Thai at Mantra Thai restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne which is located on  29 Forth Banks, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3SG and on our way out we came across this elephant statue I guess and the art on the wall.  We decided to take pictures of it, anyways if you are interested in dining there look below for a link of the menu for you to have a quick preview of what they offer. 

Menu  mantra-thai.co.uk