10ans anniversaire

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According tohttp://www.letrianoncakes.com/cakes.html : Le Trianon is a Premium 3-layer chocolate indulgence. Trianon’s top layer is a smooth and pure imported dark chocolate, dusted with dark cocoa powder. Sandwiched in the middle is a layer of dark chocolate mixed with crunchy chocolate praline, with its base made of biscuits.

My little cousin turned 10 years old on the 30th May and my uncle made her homemade birthday cakes


Straw straw berries short cakes

BirthCake, Dessert, FruitCake, HomeBaked

FB_IMG_1465947003725FB_IMG_1465947022363   Home- made Strawberry birthday cakes.  One of the cake  for my little sister well my cousin but she is my little sister.