For the New Year

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Présentoir basique avec 5 gâteaux factices pour votre événement ( mariage, anniversaire…) pour 75 personnes.
Décoration et parfum de gâteau selon votre goût. A partir de 220 €.





10ans anniversaire

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According to : Le Trianon is a Premium 3-layer chocolate indulgence. Trianon’s top layer is a smooth and pure imported dark chocolate, dusted with dark cocoa powder. Sandwiched in the middle is a layer of dark chocolate mixed with crunchy chocolate praline, with its base made of biscuits.

My little cousin turned 10 years old on the 30th May and my uncle made her homemade birthday cakes

Glacage Mabre

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Glacage Mabre Choco-Noisette ( Marbled Chocolate – Hazelnuts)   Look below for the link to the ingredients needed and how to go about making a Glacage Mabre Choco-Noisette




Glacage Mabre Chocolat

Bavarois Choco Carmel

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Homemade Bavarois Choco Carmel /Bavarian chocolate Carmel cake.  The cake was made by my uncle Ovide Pierre who is a chocolatier/ Patissier in Paris.

If you are interested in learning how to go about making a bavarois Carmel.  I have placed a link which you can click below: