Random post


Hey lovely people,

A quick message to anyone who maybe reading this. My name is Anne-Emilie Yama I’m currently studying BA (Hons) Media and Journalism at Northumbria University which is located in the North East of England.  To be more specific Newcastle upon Tyne,I would appreciate it if you follow my Hyper-Local website I created for my assignment. 

The website is http://ghadolite1.wix.com/la-communate-noir


Have a lovely day and week


Greetings my earthly humand


The bestfriend and I are a bit of a foodie every given occasion we get we go out to eat at various rrestaurant sometimes disappointing meal, dessert, drink etc etc however it’s the good company that makes our dine out nice we eat, we chat we laugh so it’s only fair I share of the food me and her eat whilst we are on our outing

So get your piggy bank ready I may just have your mouth watered naahh jokes but with honesty just love food and I’m not really into taking pictures of myself so food is what I give you

Bye for now