31st December 2017: The last supper

Lebanese Cuisine



Meal at Fazal’s

AsainFood, Cafe Food, Halal

Lightly spiced chicken wings £3.95


I cannot recall the name of the dish ,but it had steak and cheese on it . Alongside chips and salad topped with gravy for topping .


I cannot recall the name nor the price . It was served with rice , contain chicken and lamb I’m sure.



Zaap is a Thai restaurant well it’s more of a casual lay back restaurant with vibrant decors.  It’s setting is bright, flamboyant with market stalls, handing signs as well as tuk tuk.  It serves Street menu food it’s very affordable and the food is very nice.


If you are interested in dining at Zaap the one I visited for a friend birthday meal was located on 22 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG. It opens from 11am till midnight