If Your Happio And You Know….

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We went to Fat Hippo in Jesmond which is in the North East of England in a city called Newcastle upon Tyne . For our starers a friend ordered deep Fried Gherkins lightly battered on a bed of shredded lettuce. With garlic mayo and Freddie’s and I ordered the Fingers Southern fried chicken strips on a bed of rocket. With buffalo hot sauce. The sauce which came withe the chicken was vert nice not too spicy and not too sweet either Both disg came to the total of £9



This was a very flavouring ,but nevertheless it tasted nice .My friend who waa the one who ordered it said it was slightly too peanut-buttery if that is even a word. The burger she had in Fat Hippo was called :PB+J which consisted of Double 4oz patty, topped with chunky peanut butter, cheese and homemade bacon jam and my burger was called :Fat Hippo Double 4oz patty, topped with streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese, onion rings and Fat Hippo sauce Together our main came to a total of £ 21.8


We also previously went to Giraffe World Kitchen Sadly I cannoy recall what the name of the two photo inserted were called , but I thought I should include them anyways .

By no mean am I a food blog , I just love food



Do You Have A Sweet Tooth ?

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Mise en place avent livraison


Double fraisier


Charlotte Poire


L’emblematique et tradionnel noisette


Bavarois Poire

My uncle Ovide works for an amazing French chocolatier in Paris called Patrice Chapon who once used to cater to the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace .

J ‘ espere que un jour mon oncle Ovide will have his own shop . His not only an amazing husband , dad and uncle But his an amazing pastry chef and chocolatier who’s work hopefully one day will have a market .

He works for an amazing guy whose work not  speak  perfection,but his chocolate are a work of art itself

When you Chocolat Chapon’ website , the website takea you on a journey and it’s nicely designed and  my uncle’ work is becoming a work of art also thanks to Mr Patrice Chapon .And fingers cross hopefully have a place in the market . I hope that one day my uncle Ovide will  step out from Mr Chapon’ shadow and do great things in Paris , Congo , Gbadolite etc etc

When he is not working at chocolat Chapon . His making cakes and what not at home and selling it to friends and family member with a sweer teeth